Shire Hall, Stafford

In 2018 AHP was commisssioned by Staffordshire County Council to prepare a Statement of Significance for the Shire Hall at Stafford. A fine neoclassical building of the 1790s by John Harvey (a pupil and assistant of the Staffordshire architect Samuel Wyatt), this originally consisted of a large assembly hall occupying the whole of the main frontage with two octagonal courtrooms and an open market courtyard behind. The building was altered and added to over the years, until in 1991 new courts were built. The Shire Hall was then converted to new uses, including an art gallery and county council offices. These have now ceased, and the building is currently unused. AHP's Statement of significance has confirmed the building's high evidential, historical, aesthetic and communal value, and with an accompanying gazetteer sets out the relative significance and sensitivity of the component parts, in order to inform future proposals for change.