Quarry Bank Mill Kitchen Gardens, Cheshire

The unlisted glasshouses in the kitchen gardens at Quarry Bank Mill have now been repaired and rebuilt for the National Trust, with the ironwork restored by Dorothea. This follows a programme of research and investigation, in which  AHP researched the history and significance of the garden, as part of a survey by James Brennan Associates, in 2011. The kitchen gardens at Quarry Bank were laid out to serve Quarry Bank House, built as the home of the mill owner Samuel Greg in the late 1790s. The heated glasshouses were probably built in the 1820s and provided grapes and other exotics for the Gregs for over a hundred years before they were abandoned in the twentieth century. They were built on the south side of the north wall of the kitchen garden, with brick backsheds and heating apparatus on the north side of the wall. The glasshouses feature an unusual curvilinear central display house flanked by vineries. 

For further information on the history and restoration of the glasshouses please see the National Trust website.